About Us

Want to know a little about our company? We would be delighted to share it with you. It's no tail of intrigue with a twist ending, more about commitment to a passion.


Hail Repair - Our operation scales to the requirements of the customer and in turn, their need is determined by the storm. In any event, we are ready to assist with what is required.


We want to hear from you. Our customers help us improve what we do and that is all we want to do. If you are interested in offering a suggestion or have a question please contact us right now.

Our Team


Oliver Gilmartin Director

Innovation and technology have long been Oliver's calling card. A passion for how technology can be used to create integrity in business and a customer service benefit is omnipresent in Olivers work week.


Nathan Goodall General Manager

Nathan is the architypal manager. Dedicated, knowladgable, approachable and friendly. It is no easy task managing the egos and personalities captured in the contractor market, unless you are Nathan.


Hail Repair - A one trick pony and proud of it

We are proud to be a single service business as this single minded focus allows us to perfect one thing and one thing only - hail repair. Diverse in what we can do with hail but specialised in its delivery weather

  • huge hail events
  • small single instances
  • Truck
  • Vans
  • Cars and even a plane once

...we are prepared. Compamy spending can be focused on producing a better service and integrating a host of specially designed tools and devices, to allow us to aim for industry gold standards in innovation and customer service.

About Us

Nationwide Hail was established By Oliver Gilmartin the inspiration of Joel Knott and his commitment to driving the industry forward for the past two decades. Nationwide is an avenue for innovation and a platform to establish the way the industry of paintless dent repair should be conducted. We focus on customer experience as a priority and that is what fosters our innovation and integrity drive approach. Our simple suggestion template promotes interaction and positive progression by making the process easy. Working with this simple flow principle makes customer and company-wide involvement far more achievable. Meaning from Director to Detailer, single instance customers to long contract partnerships, our aim is clear. Provide the best customer service. - NHR Team


It is what is at the CORE that counts


Sydney Office

10 Mitchell Road
Moorebank, N.S.W
2170 Australia
Phone: 1300495495​
E-mail: office@nhr.com.au

Gold Coast Office

1643 Riverdale Drive
Hope Island, Q.L.D
4212 Australia
Phone: 1300495495​
E-mail: office@nhr.com.au

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